8 treasures glutinous rice balls 八寶湯丸

8 treasures glutinous rice balls. 八寶湯丸

8 treasures glutinous rice balls. 八寶湯丸

Glutinous rice balls can be used in a salty version or also for sweet dishes. Here I have made a sweet version. The filling consists of blended nuts, these are coated by the glutinous rice balls and usually these are served in a sweet soup. This is a very nice dessert and if you like you can substitute the filling by anything you prefer.

1. 2 粒澳洲堅果, 如有鹽洗一次用紙抹乾
2. 1 個合桃
3. 3 粒腰果
4. 4 粒花生
5. 1 茶匙榛子碎
6. 2 荼匙杏仁粒
7. 2 茶匙松子仁
8. 2 茶匙白芝麻
9. 20 克 = 4 湯匙半糖粉, 先濾
10. 10 克 = 大約 4 茶匙軟牛油
( 1 至 8 果仁含共大約 34 克 = 1. 20 oz )

1. 20 克 = 大約 4 湯匙登粉
2. 80 克糯米粉 = 2.8 oz
3. 100 ml = 3. 38 fll oz 加入 2 湯匙半熱水
4. 1 茶匙菜油

1. 1 碗水 = 200 ml = 6. 76 fl oz
2. 2. 3 片小薑
3. 半塊片糖, 洗一次

Filling ingredients:
1. 2 x macadamia, if it salty, wash and dry with kitchen paper
2. 1 walnut
3. 3 x cashew
4. 4 x peanut
5. 1 tsp ground hazelnut
6. 2 tsp chopped almond
7. 2 tsp pine nuts
8. 2 tsp white sesame
9. 20 gram = 4 .5 tbsp icing sugar, sieved
10. 10 gram = around 4 tsp soft butter
( 1 to 8 mix nuts all together around 34 gram = 1. 20 oz )


1. 20 gram = around 4 tbsp wheat starch
2. 80 gram glutinous rice flour = 2.8 oz
3. 100 ml = 3. 38 fl oz + 2. 5 tbsp hot water
4. 1 tsp oil

1. 200 ml = 6.76 fl oz water
2. 2 or 3 small slices ginger
3. half bar of brown sugar, wash

7 Responses to 8 treasures glutinous rice balls 八寶湯丸

  1. Birgit says:

    Hello Maria
    My name is Birgit, I live in Germany and I love asian cuisine. Last week I stumbeld over your youtube account and then on this website. In some of your recepies you use wheat starch. I have two questions on this, where do you get your wheat starch? And can I use corn or potato starch instead ´cause I have a mild wheat intolerance.
    Thanks for your help

    • Maria says:

      Hallo Birgit, I bought my wheat starch in asian supermarkets. Corn or potato starch can’t be used instead of wheat starch because the texture is different. Viele Grüße ^^

  2. Birgit says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I will try the 8 treasures rice balls as soon as I get my fingers on some wheat starch, there is an asianmarket close to me. Thankfully I can have wheat in small doses.
    Danke nochmal

  3. Anchi says:

    Hello, Maria!
    I’ve just found your site. I am going to try your glutinous rice dough for the balls. I like this dessert, but my attempts to cook rice balls before weren’t good at all.
    Maria, may I ask you to share a recipe, which I like very much too? It’s a sweet congee, made from glutinous brown rice (or may be black), red beans, green beans, peanuts, oats, barley and etc. Creme, almost clear consistency, some ingredients are chewy, some are melted in mouth. I cooked many times in different ways, but beans are not sweet and soft enough and in general I don’t like the test. Maria, I hope, I’m not asking too much. Thank you!
    Anchi, USA

  4. Darma Lim says:

    Hi ,
    can I replace wheat starch with tapioca flour ? and I woder if wheat starch you mentioned is used to make Har gao ?
    Thank you

    • Maria says:

      Hi Darma, this recipe need wheat starch for the texture. It is use for making those translucent crystal dumplings skin. Thank you. Have a great day ^^

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