Cantonese salted egg yolk with Lotus paste mooncake, 廣東鹹蛋黃蓮蓉月餅

Cantonese Mooncake

Cantonese Mooncake

Mooncakes are the traditional food for Mid-autumn festival. Abroad from Hongkong you can usually only buy mooncakes during this short period in a year.

With this video I hope to teach everyone to make mooncakes at home. You will also need mooncake syrup and lotus seed paste. I have made videos about both already.

So now please sit down, lay back and enjoy!


材料: 2 個

1. 2 只鹹蛋黄
2. 1 茶匙玫瑰露酒
3. 50 克 = 1. 77 oz, 先濾低筋麵粉= 普通的麵粉, 不是蛋糕麵粉
4. 18 ml = 1.2 大量匙菜油
5. 30 grams = 2 大量匙轉化糖漿
6. 少許鹽
7. 130 加 140 克共 270 克 = 9.5 oz, 蓮蓉餡
8. 蛋液: 一只乾淨蛋黃加入 15 ml = 1 大量匙奶
9. 皮料完成: 94 克 = 3. 316 oz

Ingredients: 2 mooncakes

1. 2 salted egg yolks
2. 1 tsp mei kuei lu chiew
3. 50 grams = 1. 77 oz, all purpose flour, sieved
4. 18 ml = 1.2 thsp measuring spoons, vegetable oil
5. 30 grams = 2 tbsp measuring spoons, mooncake golden syrup
6. a pinch of salt
7. 130 plus 140 grams, TL 270 grams = 9. 5 oz, lotus seed paste
8. egg wash: an clear egg yolk add 15 ml = 1 tbsp measuring spoons, milk
9. Finished mooncake skin dough: 94 grams = 3. 316 oz

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  1. Roselind says:

    Your recipes is easy to understand and easy to follow……thank you. I have learned a lot from you….

    • Maria says:

      Thank you so much Roselind. I am so happy to read your feedback :-)

      • leeloo says:

        您好,姨姨,我在中國大陸想看您的節目要繙網絡牆來的,YOUTUBE登陸不得,您可不可以順便把節目傳到中國大陸的的視頻網站上麵呢? 我想會有更多觀眾喜歡您的。

        • Maria says:

          您好, 非常感謝支持和收睇, 我們巳試過很多次入不到中國大陸網絡很可惜. 請原諒. (我做 videos 是希望中國食譜文化發楊不致失傳和青年下一代多了解我們的傳統習俗, 世界任何各處都有我們的民族遠離家鄉, 希望大家能在家煮些容易喜愛的食物減低思鄉心情, 或許將來有機會能上中國大陸網絡和大家分享食譜). 祝幸福和快樂 ^^

    • sze sze says:

      Hi! So nice to find this recipe, but I wonder, how do I make salted egg yolks?

  2. Frank says:

    What a joy! Mother always made delicious fare, but the boys never learned how to make them. Now we know and thru you, are struggling to make our “comfort”foods we all remember! Thank you! So glad to have found your site, and can understand your dialect of Chinese!

    • Maria says:

      Hello Frank, that is a great comment and made me so happy! All I can say is thank you, I really mean it and I hope you will keep coming to my website and check out new recipes. May I ask how you found my website? Have a great day and regards to your family! Yours Maria ^^

  3. JOE WONG says:

    saw your dishes on u tube,,and want hear from you directly,,pls send..learning about my parents cooking thru your teachings, they didn’t tell me how to cook.

  4. Rosemay Chan says:

    Je suis très intéressée à toutes les cuisines du monde mais j’ai une préférence pour la cuisine chinoise /cantonnaise.J’aime bien les essayer après les avoir visionner.Je porte une grande attention aux friandises,gâteaux,les douceurs des autres pays.J’aime bien les explications de Mme,Maria Wong,(Wantanmien) et je prends plaisir à la regarder faire.Mes félicitations ,bonne continuation et l ongue vie madame.

  5. Jackie Ho says:

    Hi Maria,

    You are so generous to share your recipes. You have made them so easy for everyone to follow. Thank you so much.


  6. Heike says:

    蝦餃, 醃鹹蛋 and 燒賣 went very well, will check out 月餅 in about 22 days, also
    紅豆蓉煎堆 and 油條. Fell in love with it during my trips to Hong Kong. When I made
    紅豆或綠豆仁迷你鹹肉粽 I used white cabbage leafs because I did not have bamboo or
    banana leafs. 教做蘿蔔糕 was also easy to make and much more tasty than at any Dim Sum Resturant around here. Please carry on cooking. 好食 開心

  7. Eve says:

    Hi thanks so much for sharing your moon cake recipe. Your video is great and very easy to follow. Thanks so much for posting the recipe in English :) I will definitely try making this for the coming festival. Please continue the good work


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  9. Steve Choy says:

    Hi Maria:
    Tumbled on your video cooking recipes at youtube in this mid-autum festival season.
    You must have spent a lot of time and attention in the making and testing of these recipes.
    The detailed and easy to follow step-by-step instructions; the English captions/sub-titles; and the well-arranged video presentation – all are marvelous.
    Have one question in regard to this recipe: Cantonese salted egg yolk with Lotus paste mooncake, 廣東鹹蛋黃蓮蓉月餅 -
    Is the ‘Finished mooncake skin dough’ a supermarket shelf-item? or, it is home-made from scratch.
    Thank you very much for your great effort.

  10. Jessica says:

    Hi Maria, I’m really glad to have found your site. I think it’s so great! I’m from Singapore and just love Cantonese food so much. Thanks!

  11. Mun says:

    I love the way you teach in the video. It is very easy to understand and I am glad to learn more authentic Cantonese recipes. When I miss homecook food, I will always try out your recipes. Thank you again!

  12. anita says:

    Thanks so very much for your sharing !

  13. Wayne Phillip Fong says:

    Your Chinese cooking progam need more professional help ! but overall not bad.

  14. Spencer says:

    你好:) 我係香港人,衣家係瑞典留學中,
    不過見到你個YOUTUBE CHANNEL真係試下煮!!!

    見到月餅, 身在外地, 每逢佳節倍思親…..

    • Maria says:

      Spence 你好, 我有很多容易食譜能在德國超級市場買到, 應該可以在瑞典能買到的, 請試找. 我是明白你心情思鄉, 所以我特別做此 video 給們住海外僑胞分享佳節. 祝中秋節快樂, 學業猛進 :)

  15. Joyce Nguyen says:

    I love your cooking shows. I’m glad to find your web site now. I wish I had found your videos earlier. But there is no English version on this. Your technique is so clear. You are the best. Thank you for sharing

  16. Harriet says:

    Hi Maria,
    I would like to request you make steamed tofu skins dim sum recipe. It is served at dim sum in most dim sum houses. Do you know what I am talking about?
    Thank you,

  17. SPADE2012 says:

    I would like to thank you for the following recipe: Har Gao, Crispy Roast Pork Belly, and Steamed Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce. Your step by step video presentation was very helpful. :) I know this is a lot to ask, but, what do you think about making Cantonese Style Roast Duck? Even though there are many recipes available online, the flavor is just not consistent enough with the restaurant (something is missing) when I tried to perfect it.

  18. vivian says:

    师傅你好,我也是刚在YOUTUBE CHANNEL看到你教如何做腸粉,我人在英国一个小岛要找点心吃,还真不容易呢!多谢你的分享!

  19. Fuchsie says:

    Dear Maria,
    Your cooking instructions are clear and simple to follow. I enjoy watching them and hope to find the time to cook some of the dishes that you presented. By the way, I am also living in Germany, in Bavaria. I can also speak Cantonese but I cannot write Chinese. Am glad I found your site and will definitely try out some of the recipes- Keep on the good work!!!
    All the Best,

    • Maria says:

      Hi Fuchsie, Thank you for watching my videos. That’s very nice to know you live in germany too. Please tell me how the recipes worked out ^^

      Yours maria

  20. good post, added you to my RSS reader.

  21. paula says:

    Maria, I am so glad that I found your website. My mom alway said I should watch her when she cooked and that she will not be here forever. Taking life for granted, I lost my mom in 5 months to cancer. All our comfort food gone with regrets, however you are so great for teach us by video reminds me of our mom and I thank you. The video real helps a lot. Paula

  22. Yi says:

    Hi Maria,

    I enjoyed your videos so much! Can’t wait to try some of them…my baby (18 month old) loved Chunjuan back in China…can’t find it here in US, and then I saw your video! would try to make that for him :) Thank you so much for clear demo!


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  24. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for uploading all of your easy to understand and simple to follow recipes! I am not a good cook, so I am always trying to find easy and simple chinese recipes to experiment on =P… I have tried some of your recipes already, and my husband and I love them (ex. pork stuffed turnip, ma po tofu, and steam egg dessert=P)! I am sure our little 14 month old will love them as well, when she is old enough to try them=) I really appreciate all of your effort in making these recipes! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Carol, You are welcome. Thank you so much for trying my recipes. I am very happy the recipes worked out for you as well and your husband loving them. Best regards to your family and thank you ^^

  25. Allison says:

    I am SO excited to have found your website and youtube videos! My boyfriend is Chinese and we eat dim sum every weekend but I love cooking chinese food and I am so excited to be able to make him all these delicious recipes! I have one question, I am making sesame balls tomorrow for the first time and I have heard horror stories of the sesame balls exploding while frying. What do you do so that they don’t explode? Is it why you press the balls into the sides of the pan while they are frying?

    I can’t wait to learn more recipes from you!! Thank you so much!

  26. 金魚 says:

    真係好鍾意你既片 因為好易學 而且勁有親切感!!
    學左整俾室友食佢地話好好味 真係好開心^^

    • Maria says:

      你好, 非常感謝你鍾意我既片和做.請去 Facebook 和我做朋友, 我們大家煮食譜和拍照片分享很開心. 多謝. 祝新年快樂, 身體健康 :)

  27. Alayna says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for making all of the cooking videos! I love to watch your station. I live in Hawaii. My grandfather is Hakka. Unfortunatley, I never learned how to speak chinese. My great-grandmother used to cook all kinds of chinese food, but she died before I was old enough to learn. So I am learning a lot from you. I want to make
    Chinese Tea Cookies (Kong Sui Ban). Do you have a recipe? I can’t find an authentic one. I know it is made with Wong tong (Hong Xing Pai), lard, and flour…not too sure what the other ingredients are. Thank you !


    • Maria says:

      Hi Alayna, sorry I don’t know ^^

    • Gretchen says:

      Hi, Alyana.

      Did you find the recipe for the Chinese Tea Cakes?

      I have the ingredients listed in order as their appear on the package but do not have a recipe.


      Brown Sugar
      Vegetable Oil
      Baking Soda

      Would love to know if you found a recipe since I’ve been searching too!

      Also, thank you Maria for sharing your wonderful cooking with us. I appreciate it so much!!!


  28. mini says:

    WOW !!! wonderful site… I am hakka chinese but not fluent in chinese so is hard for me to learn from my mom or any pure chinese cooking course. I am so glad that i find your site from youtube… you make chinese cooking much easier… for someone that can only understand half chinese hehehhee…… I really appreciate all your hard work and sharing .. looking forward to learn more from you!!!

  29. Johnny Yeung Kai Yan says:

    Dear Wong Tai:

    Kung Hay Fat Choy – Juk Nay See See Yu Yee!!! Your dishes have inspired me to cook for Chinese New Year. Thanks so much for sharing your great recipes. May you and your family be showered with blessings of good health, great wealth and prosperity. Greetings from Toronto!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Johnny, you are welcome. Thank you for cooking my recipes. Please tell me how the recipes worked out. Thank you so much. Same to you and your family too <3

  30. Arleen says:

    I stumbled across your videos and to my delight found the demo of steamed water eggs. Even though this recipe might not be considered fine dining cuisine, it’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of everyday food. I remember this dish as a child and have attempted to make it numerous times–all with unsatisfactory results. Your video was perfect! I’m so excited about trying more of your recipes. Thank you.

  31. BSX says:


    • Maria says:

      您好, 我很想教您, 請看我的是玻璃板爐我不能用瓦煲. 本來我教做在 video, 因您能做腊味煲仔饭, 請試做在飯水還有少許起眼,放入肉饼鋪平, 蓋面繼續蒸像您做腊味煲仔饭. 淋和烂: 是飯水份太多時放入. 希望能幫到您 :)

  32. Radi says:

    Hei Maria,

    thanks alot for your videos. i will definitely try them out on easter :D

    i live in Hannover. maybe someday i can visit you in Frankfurt. i heard there’s a very nice chinese restaurant near the hauptbahnhof. :D

    please stay fit so that you could teach us for a long time!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Radi, you are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipes. Please tell me how the recipes worked out. Thank you. I will try my best <3

  33. great thank you for reis posting! btw are there feeds in your blog site? I’d enjoy to add these to my viewer

  34. NESTLE says:


    • Maria says:

      Hi, thank you for trying my recipes and your feedback. I will put it on my request list. It may take sometime until I can make a video. Best regards to your mother in law. Thank you ^^

  35. Hi Maria, i found ur website first in youtube and starting to love it. There is many recipe i want to try one of them is Mooncake(i loved it so much heheh) butwhy i only seeing this recipe without the way to make the skin? because its show only how to make the filling,gelatine and the top cover but the main skin of moon cake is not avaliable or i missed it?
    Can u help me:-)

    • Maria says:

      Hi, I don’t understand which video. I have 2 mooncake Videos and both teach how to make the Skin too. please check my channel again. Thank you for watching. Have a nice day ^^

  36. Jessiesckoh says:

    Hi Maria 非常謝謝妳。人在海外 每逄佳節倍思鄉 現在有了 all your fantastic recipes 我們都很喜歡妳的~~recipes We are so enjoy~~Thanks~~Maria :-) :)

    • Maria says:

      您好, 非常感謝捧場收睇我的食譜, 我希望能借食譜幫助帶給大家歡樂和幸福的生活. 祝安好 :) You are welcome. Thank you so much for watching my Videos and your supprot. Thank you :)

  37. kinou says:

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks a lot for your sharing of your knowledge.

    I’m a chinese descent but don’t even speak a word. What’s a shame am I ! I think that every word you said in cooking is important. Would you, please, translate it in English?

    I love eating chinese food like when my grand parents fed me when i was young. I’m in Europe and too far from my country which is in south-east asia for claiming the fresh chinese food and especially the moon cake. I found your videos yesterday. Your recipes are so great. I will try some day.

    Again, thanks a lot for sharing,

    • Maria says:

      Hi Kinou,
      You are welcome. Thank you for liking my recipes. All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles.Thank you. Have a great day ^^

    • Maria says:

      Hi Kinou, you are welcome. All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles. Have a sweet day ^^

  38. Maya says:

    Hello Maria,

    I am so happy and glad to know your website. Most of your recipes is easy to understand and wonderful. I used to live in Hong Kong when I was very young. Such a wonderful place and miss Hong Kong so much. Especially with the foods… :) .

    I’m wandering if you don’t mind. Do you have the Hong Kong curry fish ball recipe ?
    Been looking and still trying to find the closes recipe that taste like in Hong Kong.

    And thank you for all your wonderful recipes.
    Good luck and all the best for you.


    • Maria says:

      Hi Maya, yes, I have. Please check my channel BBQ Play list. Thank you for watching my Videos. Have a wonderful day ^^

  39. Zoe says:

    Me and my grandma are both Cantonese and we love and live by your recipes. I am also half German so I appreciate all aspect of your channel! Keep posting videos!! Good luck!

  40. maria lucia says:

    Boa tarde Maria, aqui no Brasil são 14.44, só entrei para dizer que adoro seu jeito de transmitir as receitas, e elas são maravilhosas. abraços de sua amiga virtual Maria Lucia

  41. Mr. Ong says:

    I would like to discuss with you if you have experience in making Pak Tong Koh ( White sugar cake ) . I did that long time ago, but result was not so perfect.
    I am a retired Chinese man who stays in Malaysia.
    Thanks for reading my email.

    • Maria says:

      Mr. Ong, I have this video. Did you try it before? Please check my youtube channel. I will try my best to help you. Have a great day. 您好, 請看我的 video 做法, 我會盡量幫您, 祝快樂 ^^

      • Mr. Ong says:

        I am glad to hear from you. Nowadays, many use bread yeast as raising agent to proof the half cooked rice powder, in making pak ton koh. Let me have your email if you can, so that i can send you a photo of my home made pak tong koh, we used wine yeast as raising agent. My dad was a skilled hand in Cantonese cuisine, I did not learn much form him at young age. I would like to have some discussions with you if possible.
        I am not sure if you demonstrated Pak tong koh on you tube ?
        If you do, let me know where to look for it on you tube.
        I love Cantonese foods ! I did ever since I was a kid.

        • Maria says:

          Mr Ong, I used dry yeast. I never use wine yeast before so I don’t know. Please check my youtube channel wantanmien, the link: . Steamed white sugar sponge cake ( Bak Tong Gou ) 白糖糕 . For the photo. Please go to my youtube channel click Facebook. You can send me the photo there. Have a nice day. Thank you ^^

  42. Mr. Ong says:

    Oh yes, I saw that on you tube a long time ago.

  43. Fernando says:

    Hello Maria,

    While browsing for a Chinese dish, I suddenly remembered you have been quite for a while. Are you ok ? I love to hear from you and your recipes.

    All the very best,


    • Maria says:

      Hi Fernando, thank you so much for your kindness. I am fine. We are very busy now can’t uploads the videos often. Fernando, when you subscribe to my channel you will get an automatic information when I have new video. Thank you again. Best regards, yours Maria

  44. yoan wong says:

    I saw your recipe for char siu bau and i followed it.. It tasted nice but the dough was yellow and not fluffy.. any ideas?
    By the way… You are a very very special cook… i am a chef by profession. I worked in the peninsula hotel in hong kong as western chef so never learnt dim sum chinese and i find your ways of teaching very good with ease and good quality..

    • Maria says:

      Hi yoan wong, you are welcome. I live in Germany. I use normal natural all purpose flour and water. If you like more white colour, put in the milk instead of water it’s help. When the bau wasn’t fluffy, put some more dry yeast or baking powder. Place the bau on steam rack, cover with the lid and allow the bau rest for 20 mins before steaming it’s help fluffy too. The char siu bau in restaurant mostly use special Hongkong flours to keep it white. Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how the recipe worked out. Thank you ^^

  45. Phyllis says:

    I live in Canada and all of my Chinese Recipes were published in Hong Kong. I have a hard time to find the traditional Chinese ingredients, such as the ammonia baking powder. I went through a few big cities in Canada and still could not find it. Thank you for your Flower Rolls Recipes, now I know I can substitute them with the Active Dry Yeast.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Maria says:

      Hi Phyllis, you are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how it worked out. Maybe my new video mantou can help too. Thank you :)

  46. Rosie Lim says:

    Dear Maria

    Thank you for your cooking instructions found in the Youtube. You demonstrated the recipes very well. I love them all. I have tried cooking some of them and they turned out very well. I really appreciate what you are doing and sharing. Thank you once again.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Rosie, you are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipes and your feedback. I am glad they are turned out well and you loved them. Thank you. Have a lovely day :)

  47. Joanna Shiu says:

    I tried your recipes…. some of the ingredients cannot find in United States. Can you put the substitute when next time you make any videos….. thank you.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Joanna, all videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles.
      所有视频都寫上有英文說明字幕, 請按 CC 鈕掣. Thank you ^^

  48. Joanna Shiu says:


  49. Hector Woo says:

    Greetings Maria,

    First off let me say your posts here are full of useful advice and recipes; I’ve tried a number of them with success!

    Now a question: I will be moving to Mannheim, Germany, next month and am wondering where I might be able to find Chinese/SE Asian foodstuffs? I was there two months ago and a search for any Chinese grocery store/s came up with nothing.

    Might this imply that I’d have to go to Frankfurt to find Chinese food products like black beans, oyster sauce etc. Or load up with sauces/condiments before I quit Hong Kong!

    Since you are apparently somewhere in Germany I await your sage response.


    • Maria says:

      Hi Hector, welcome you to Germany. I live 100 km from Frankfurt and I buy all Chinese ingredients there. Sorry, I don’t know any thing about Mannheim. Have a great day ^^

      • Hector says:

        Hello and thank you for the reply Maria,

        Danke schön!

        As it happens I managed to find a Chinese/Asian supermarket that was apparently closed when I was in Mannheim.

        Will check it out when I’m on the ground.

        BTW, looking forward to more tasty recipes!


  50. Cris says:

    Maria, 你好. 我很喜歡你的video, 你真的很用心地在教做菜, 講得很仔細. 非常感謝. 祝你身體健康, 生活愉快

  51. wallis says:

    你好! 很多謝你教很多食譜, 即使不在亞洲都可以自己做同食到很多掛念美食品!!!
    今次我跟著做月餅, 但做了兩次都不太成功:(
    不知道為什麼焗完出來的月餅, 都會下陷同裂開呢… :”(
    Please help!
    Thank you again for your sharing! :D

    • Maria says:

      您好 wallis, 請不要客氣. 非常感謝做我的食譜, “都會下陷同裂開”, 請問您做法, 餡料, 重量和我一樣嗎? 我想可能皮和餡料, 做法, 重量問題, 請告訴我您怎樣做, 我會盡量幫您的, 祝愉快 ^^

      • wallis says:


        • Maria says:

          您好, 請再看材料一樣嗎? 和再看 video 之後, 請告訴我您如何做, 讓我盡辦法幫您. (我想做法多數有分別和各地麵粉不同, 這麵團祇用膠板輕力反起摺使麵團一起,不能大力拌成麵團.) 我等您 ^^

          • wallis says:

            謝謝你! 我找出問題所在啦…應該是因為火力太大的問題, 我現在當見到脹起時,我會立刻打開門,同按低一點溫度,讓它變金黃色!
            但有另一個問題, 自己做的蓮餡是不是不會像街上買的那麼軟滑的呢? 我做了三次, 但都覺得有點dry, 有點散散的…

          • Maria says:

            walls, 您要食滑時請把蓮蓉放濾器濾過就滑的. 散散的: 可想是炒不夠或油少, 多謝 ^^

  52. Susan Chan says:

    Maria, 您好,感谢您分享那么多烹饪方法。我第一次学做月饼,用了2个食谱成果都不是很理想,上网找制golden syrup的方法时看到您精心制做的YouTube, 后来也看到您其他的YouTube,简直看到不想睡觉。第2天一早就学做葱油饼,非常好吃,后来也跟着您的教法做了golden syrup. 再从看一次您制做月饼的YouTube, 发现您没提到烘月饼时烤炉的温度,只提到烘的时间,请问一般的烘炉应该用几度来烘月饼呢?–Susan Chan,新加坡的广东人。

    • Maria says:

      您好, 非常感謝做我的食譜.

      5:28, 預熱焗爐 180°C ~ 350°F 10 分.

      All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles.
      所有视频都寫上有英文說明字幕, 請按 CC 鈕掣


  53. Princess says:

    Hello again Maria,

    Thank you so much for the quick response. Can wait to try “Cow Tongue Pastry” (ngeow lay soh) recipe from you. Maria, wanted to let you know, I made the “Cheung Fun” earlier and they turned out perfectly. Thank you again!!!

  54. Vicky says:

    Hi Maria,
    I like watching your video. I’ve tried out your mooncake recipe. It came out beautifully.
    Very happy with the result. Thank you very much.
    Recently I tried your steam turnip cake (lo bak gou) recipe. Why my lo bak gou came out very sticky and soft. And also it is brown in color. Actually I weigh the turnip after shredding. So do I weigh the turnip as a whole or after shredding? Please advice. Thank you.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Vicky, Thank you for trying my recipes. I think the reasons. 1: different place have different kinds of turnip and flour. 2: fry and cooking times. 3. Next time add a little more flour. 4: brown in colour: I think steaming time is too long. I have steamed taro cake/ wu tau gou video. Please check it out I think it will help you too. Have a great day <3

  55. Sharon says:

    Hallo Maria,
    I am in Frankfurt right now. But I want to make 流沙包. Can you teach me how to make it and buy the things in german supermarket. Much thanks!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Sharon, I go to Yuan fa Asian market. = 源發. You need some coconut milk 椰漿奶, custard powder 吉士粉, some salty egg yolks 鹹蛋黃, and the rest you can buy them in Germany supermarket. I made this video already. the video is on the waiting list to uploads, I think it have to wait for three or four more videos before it. When you see the HK Cocktail buns video, the next one is 流沙包. Thank you. Have a lovely day my dear <3

  56. frances says:

    多謝妳的教煮菜的影片! 從香港來的我。非常記掛著香港旳食物。
    今晚有缘在網頁上見到video, 所以才冒昧寫這個 訊息给妳。
    Liebe Grüße frances

    • Maria says:

      您好 frances, 對不起遲回函, 我不是每天到此的. 大家有缘能在網頁上認識真好, 請不要客氣. 很歡迎您去 facebook 和我做朋友, 我們大家分享不同食譜, 蛋糕等. 我做食譜是希望幫我們住海外僑胞能在自己家, 煮些容易食譜減低思鄉心情. 祝幸福和快樂.

      Vielen dank
      maria <3

  57. Fernando says:

    Hello Maria…Greetings from Finland…what’s up ? So long time we don’t hear about you….are you ok ?



  58. 龍龍 says:


  59. Jessica Wu says:

    Hi, Maria
    I have been watching your videos for a long time. I like the spirit in your heart about cooking. I like to hear you speak Cantonese, especially I found you live in Germany over 30 years. I live in Canada for 8 years and I missed Cantonese Dim Sum. Thankfully I found some recipes from you. Thanks a lot! I try to build my own website and learning because I got the inspiration from you. Thanks!
    Merry Christmas and have a warm winter with your family. Canada’s winter is really chili.

  60. 龍龍 says:

    Maria 阿姨,你好。

    • Maria says:


      請問什麼蓉餅? 我有紅豆蓉, 蓮蓉, 去皮綠豆蓉, 冰皮月餅, 蓮蓉月餅, 有湯丸等, 請去我 youtube channel wantanmien 收睇, 祝幸福和快樂 :)

  61. Landia says:

    LOVE your videos. Easy to follow, simple, simply awesome! May I make a request for black sesame pudding? (Gee Ma Gou). Let me know. Thank you.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Landia, thank you for loving my video. I made this video. It is on the waiting list to upload. If you subscribe to my channel, you tube will notify you my new video. Thank you. Have a lovely day :)

  62. Luci says:

    Hi Maria, I’m very happy found your channel, and really want to try your amazing recipe, but having difficulty understand in language, forgive me if I have to ask you this silly question, in your vid, where can I find the cc button I mean when I see your video in android , and if I want to make the mooncake where can I find the mei kue…? Is there any substitute?Thank so much for your answer, wish you the best :)

  63. Lynn says:

    Hi, Maria,
    您好,前幾天無意中看見您在YouTube 示範做mini蔥油餅,當天我馬上按照您的食譜,方法試做, 一試便成功!小朋友們一掃而空,您的食譜非常家庭化,易懂易學,感謝您無私的奉獻,讓我們好有口福!
    我今天參考一個網上食譜做鮮奶小餐包,本想給小朋友做早餐,不知問題出在那里,失敗了⋯,敢請您如可以的話,可否在YouTube 中示範? 期待⋯⋯

    • Maria says:

      Lynn 您好,

      非常感謝做我的食譜, 多謝.

      関於鮮奶小餐包, 很對不起我不能回答. 因為我祇能解釋我自己做的食譜程序. 我己做了一個雞尾飽 video, 現等將來我兒子有空時上綱和大家分享, 或許會有幫助您的問題, 到時請參考, 祝幸福和快樂 :)

  64. Steven says:

    I love your comprehensive videos and lessons.
    Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan and I attempt your recipes often with great pleasure.
    I hope happiness and peace are guests in your home.
    Steven Guarino

  65. Sharen says:

    Hi! I am a huge fan of yours and I enjoy watching your videos from youtube. I must say it really helped me overcome my cravings while I was studying in Japan. Thank you so much!!
    I am currently trying to make 流沙包, but I couldn’t find a good recipe. I read from your comments that you have posted them on your channel, however I could not find them.

    Is it ok if you link me the recipes for Salted egg custard bun (liu sa bao流沙包)?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Sharen, thank you so much for your support. I made 蒸流沙奶黃包 video already, when we have time will uploads this video later. I have salted egg video. The link: Salty eggs, 醃鹹蛋 . Have a great day :)

      • Sharen says:

        Thank you for the link, Maria. I can’t wait for you to upload the 蒸流沙奶黃包 video!

        • Maria says:

          Hi Sharen,

          You are welcome. When you subscribe to my channel you will get an automatic information when I have new video. My son is very busy working in Far East now and I don’t know how to uploads new videos. Last week my son uploads cocktail bun 香港雞尾飽. Please check it out. Thank you. Have fun and enjoy 蒸流沙奶黃包:)

  66. 龍龍 says:


    • Maria says:


      當我第一次看到您的名字巳覺得很特別. 您很幸運有機會能學到中文, 我住在小城市離 Frankfurt 100 km 聽朋友說, 有中華學校逢星期六才有堂教中文是國語的, 我兒也能說流利香港話但不識中文.

      非常感謝做我的食譜, 希望您和府上各位喜歡食. 您住華埠很方便購物, 我住的地方要乘火車去 Frankfurt 買東南亞材料, 來回大約 4 小時多很不方便, 新鮮芽菜也要我在家自己發芽菜才有得食.

      將來有時間我會做麻蓉軟餅 video 是和廣東豆蓉餅差不多, 因我想教做麻蓉餡, 所以將豆蓉改用麻蓉 ( 皮是一樣祇是餡有改, 因我做冰皮月餅時巳教紅豆蓉和廣東蓮蓉月餅時教蓮子蓉).

      歡迎您參加, 因我在 Facebook 超過 5000 朋友, Facebook 要我改新頁, 現在我用 maria wong 在 Facebook.

      龍龍, 非常感謝祝福, 我也祝福您和府上各位幸福, 快樂和健康 :)

  67. 龍龍 says:


    • Maria says:


      哈哈 :) 全是我一人回答, 因在 Facebook 我超過 5 千朋友, 它要我改新頁, 我兒上次回德國時幫我轉新頁, 所以我不太清楚情況至我問朋友, 她告訴我大慨情況.

      非常感謝您的解釋, 我巳常常奇怪為什麼同一語言有那麼多不同叫法, 再次多謝我又上了一堂課 :)

  68. 龍龍 says:


    • Maria says:


      我的豆蓉軟餅是煎的. 用糯米粉做皮, 不是老婆餅, 香港老婆餅是酥皮要焗, 餡是糖冬瓜的.

      “”得閒黃阿姨請你叫我做老婆餅喇,”" 這句話我不明白意思, 是叫我為您做老婆餅 video 嗎? 如是, 我會寫在記事簿要等我有空才可以做, 多謝. 代問候您媽媽安好 :)

  69. 龍龍 says:


  70. wai says:


    • Maria says:

      您好 wai,

      可能您拌麵團太多, 它起筋就容易裂, 請用膠板慢慢拌至混合, 沒乾粉就可以. 又或許大家煱爐不同, 溫度和焗時間有別, 請再慢慢看 video 我的做法及您的煱爐, 有人告訴我用這個食譜, 每年做很多月餅在中華街賣出的.這個食譜不容易做皮, 要收取經驗才成功的. 祝快樂 :)

  71. Bonnie Ho says:

    Hi Ms. Wong,

    I LOVE your videos on YouTube! My dad is from Hong Kong and he is an amazing cook but when I was young my parents divorced so he didn’t get a chance to teach me how to cook authentic Cantonese cuisine :( and my mom is American so she had no clue ;) So your videos have taught me so much! My dad is coming to visit me next week and I wanted to make him a Mango Mousse cake but all the recipes I have found do not look very good :/ Would you be able to help me? If you are too busy I understand!

    With Joy,

    • Maria says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you for loving my videos. Sorry, I only teach my videos instruction. I don’t have Mango Mousse cake video. Please understand my situation. I have a mango pudding, I have it help. Best regards to your family. Have a great day :)

  72. Jenn says:

    Dear Maria,

    I enjoy watching your YouTube cooking videos and have been trying out some of your recipes lately. They all have turned out very well, my family loves the food I made with your recipes, always asks for more. I will be trying out more recipes. Your videos and your cooking style is very easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching, greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. All the best to you and your family!

    best regards

    • Maria says:

      Hi Jenn,

      You are welcome.

      Thank you very much for trying my recipes and your feedback. I am glad your family loved them. Best regards to your family and thank you. Have a lovely day :)

  73. 梁峰 says:


    • Maria says:

      梁峰您好, 非常感謝收睇和支持我的食譜, 家父是山東人, 家父教是黃牙白用些鹽醃出些水份才爽口, 用些糖調味因菜通常帶少許苦味, 和盡量少用生抽因會帶酸, 非常感謝意見, 有機會或許我試下, 祝快樂 :)

      • 梁峰 says:


        • Maria says:


          非常感謝分享食譜做法, 有機會我會試, 至於綠豆沙加少少陳皮粉: 我住歐洲的地方沒有中華街, 凡購任何物品都不容易. 再次多謝, 祝快樂

  74. 婉娥 says:

    只好亂按這裡,再重複這個 訊息给妳.如果有誤錯,請多多包函,謝謝!
    在德國哪個超級市場有得買?我通常在 ” Kaufland”,” Real”去街市.請老師寫上德文和牌子

    • Maria says:


      沒問題, 我可以在此回答.


      低筋麵粉: 我自己做: 40 克 Aldi 普通麵粉= weizeumehl type 405 和 Aldi Feine speisestärke, maisstärke glutenfrei, 10 克粟米粉 = corn starch 拌勻後, 一起同濾出 3 至 4 次至完全混合, 便成.

      中筋麵粉: 我用 Aldi 普通麵粉= weizeumehl type 405

      高筋麵粉: 可在 Rewe, Kaufland 買 Diamant weizen mehl extra wertvoller durch vitamin type 405 ( 高筋麵粉是做麵包用的粉 )

      希望能幫到您, 祝幸福和快樂 :)

  75. 婉娥 says:


    • Maria says:


      請不要客氣. 叫我 maria 就可以, 非常感謝做我的食譜和回覆, 更高興您府上親愛的家人喜歡, 請代我說多謝.

      我是普通家庭主婦喜歡烹飪, 住外國 40 多年明白到思鄉, 所以在 you tube 做食譜 videos 希望能幫助人像我住海外的僑胞們, 也能在家煮些普通喜歡的食物,
      您是對的, 做食譜要多次做才能成功適合自己口味. 當家人開心食時內心的那種感覺, 真難以形容的快樂和幸福啊 !!

      流沙奶黃飽我是在香港請師傅教的, 希望您下次成功.

      非常感謝祝福, 我也祝您身體健康, 幸福和快樂


  76. 婉娥 says:

    以前我不很喜歡烹飪,想不到”烹飪”的那種感覺好妙,好開心,好有成就感.謝謝您在 you tube 做食譜 videos.也代我謝謝您兒子幫忙製作網上網節目.

    • Maria says:


      非常感謝祝福和做我的食譜回答, 很開心知道小朋友們喜歡, 這個食譜很好食是小朋友們喜愛的, 如您住在德國的話, 我兒小時我做很多德國蛋糕和食物等, 老實說孩子生日, 傳統請一班小朋友或同學們要招待, 請參考我的食譜希望有幫助, ( 如我的德國芝士蛋糕, 瑞士卷, 黑森林蛋糕最好( 做後隔一晚放雪櫃令餡料浸入蛋糕內會更入味好食 )

      烹飪是一種廚房藝術, 每個人都可以做出好吃的食物, 但要靠心機慢慢學, 耐心, 愛心, 要多次練習從經驗裡取出原因才能成功 . 這也是原因我教食譜之一,

      煎堆冷却後是會軟和塌, 當取出來時就塌, 可能材料粉類和做法有別 我的取出後影相片都沒問題, 祝成功及快樂 :)

  77. Sam says:

    Hello Maria,

    I have been making Dan tarts, they came out great and my family love them.
    Thank you for creating the videos. I will be making lots more … so keep up the cooking and making new videos.

    Yours faithfully,


    • Maria says:

      Hi Sam,

      You are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipe and your feedback. I am glad it worked out well for you. Best regards to your family and please say thank you for me. Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful day :)

  78. Misha says:

    Hello Maria,

    I enjoyed watching your videos very much – find them very useful! It’s great to see you show a lot of authentic Cantonese recipes. I don’t live in the same country as my parents (in America) now, so it’s hard to see how they cook real Cantonese food. But I’m glad I found your channel so I can use it as a guide to cook homemade Cantonese food. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel and blog, look forward to seeing more videos. About me, I also have a food blog and upload recipes whenever I have time, my cooking style is more fusion with lots of recipes done with an AirFryer, pressure cooker and etc. I’m very impressed that you have so many subscribers on your channel, I need to put more time into making videos (but I only do it as hobby and not a source of income, to be honest)

    Thank you very much!


    • Maria says:

      Hi Misha,

      You are welcome. Thank you for watching my videos and your support. I am glad you liked them. Have a great day :)

      Best regards

  79. VT. Collaco says:

    I enjoy all your cooking. I can understand Cantonese but not able to read or write Chinese.

    • Maria says:

      Hi, VT. Collaco,

      Thank you for enjoying my cooking. All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles, and for the old videos, there are English annotations in the video. they are just like English subtitles and I also translated the list of ingredients and you can find it in the video description box under the video. Have a great day :)

  80. lai says:

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you very much for your great instructional website, it is very helpful. I have a request, I have been looking for the recipe on “Kong sui bang” and can’t seem to find any good ones on the internet. Since you’re great at everything you make on your videos, I was wondering if you can show us, your fans, on how to make great “Kong sui bang” like the ones they sell in Hong Kong. Thank you very much and keep up with your great cooking.

  81. Bernice says:

    Hi Maria

    It’s amazing to learn a lot of cooking technic from you website. It’s so professional and detail. I’m so impressed.

    My friends and my family enjoyed the mooncakes, pineapple and cocktail buns, they were hard to believe it was done by me.

    Thank you so much.

    PS If the cooking instructions were listed in the recipe, there will be much convenience and better.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Bernice,

      You are welcome.

      Thank you for trying my recipe and the recipes turned out well for your friends and your family. All the new videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles. And for the old videos there are English annotations in the video. they are just like English subtitles and I also translated the list of ingredients and you can find it in the video description box under the video. Please give my best regards to your friends and your family. Have a lovely day and thank you again :)

  82. 龍龍 says:


  83. Maria says:


    好, 我寫在記事簿, 請給我時間要等我有空才能教.

    小籠包容易整冇? 很難說, 我覺得應該沒問題, 最重要照材料分量和跟著 video 做, 就可以, 祝快樂 :)

  84. 龍龍 says:


  85. Maria says:


    非常感謝捧場, 我教食譜原因, 我年青時在外國留學, 常常思鄉又不識做家鄉餸, 買了很多食譜書慢慢學試做, 結婚後住外國將近 40 多年, 明白到思鄉心情, 所以獻醜在 you tube 教做煮食譜, 希望能幫助海外僑胞, 人像我住異鄉, 或年青下一代多了解到我們中國文化和食譜,不至失傳. 在自己的廚房也能煮到家鄉喜歡的食物,

    龍龍, 如有興趣, 請去 Facebook 找 maria wong 我的頁大家做朋友 我每天到去做功課和大家分享食譜, 歡迎您參加, 非常感謝收睇, 祝幸福和快樂 :)

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