Fried rice with shrimps 蝦炒飯

Fried rice with shrimps, 蝦炒飯

Fried rice with shrimps, 蝦炒飯

Fried rice is probably the most popular chinese dish and the prototype of asian cuisine. But in fact it is a very popular dish in many parts of asia and even the rest of the world. Fried rice is easy to make and you can add or substitute ingredients just as you like. There is no right or wrong! The only thing I would recommend is to use left over rice that is about one day old. This will make your fried rice taste better than using fresh cooked rice. Please enjoy this recipe where I used shrimps for my fried rice.

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1. 12 只中蝦,去殼, 切開去腸, 洗淨用布或紙抹乾
2. 30 粒青豆
3. 少許青蔥粒
4. 1 粒蒜頭切粒
5. 一些大蔥切粒
6. 半個洋蔥切粒
7. 2 只旦
8. 2 碗白飯

1. 半茶匙
2. 少許胡椒粉
3. 1 湯匙生抽, 片中說 1 茶匙是錯的, 請原請

水沸放青豆煮大約 2 分取出
pan 熱放 2 湯匙油, 加入打拌旦, 炒熟取出.
pan 熱放 1 湯匙油, 加入蒜粒, 洋蔥粒炒幾下後, 放入中蝦炒將熟, 倒入 2 碗白飯炒幾下加入大蔥粒, 加入半茶匙鹽, 少許胡椒粉, 1 湯匙生抽炒香, 加入巳熟炒旦, 青豆炒幾下, 關火. 放些青蔥粒炒幾下.

1. 12 medium size shrimps
2. 30 peas
3. some chive
4. 1 clove garlic
5. some leek
6. half onion
7. 2 eggs
8. 2 bowls steamed rice

4 Responses to Fried rice with shrimps 蝦炒飯

  1. Lily says:

    My steam rice is too stick how do I correct this problem. My daughte loves this fried rice recipe.

  2. Alice says:

    :D 非常多谢您, 我学到好多cooking knowledges~ 上次跟住您的虾饺教程,后来做出来非常好吃的虾饺,我老公距好喜欢虾饺味~~


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