Ha Gao Steamed shrimp dumplings Dim Sum 蝦餃

Ha Gao (Steamed shrimp dumplings) Dim Sum 蝦餃

Ha Gao (Steamed shrimp dumplings) Dim Sum 蝦餃

Ha Gao are probably the most famous and popular dim sum together with Siu Mai. Here I have made a video about how to make Ha Gao, you will learn to make the wrapper, the filling and how to steam it. I love the taste and I think it is so cool that in the future all of us can make these at home coz probably not all of us live learn a dim sum restaurant. Please also check out my Siu Mai video. All the best!

Please click here for more information on Ha Gao.

蝦餃 12 只

1. 10 只中蝦, 去殼, 去腸, 洗淨, 抹乾後淨重 105 克 = 3.7 oz
2. 2 湯匙竹筍絲, 洗淨, 用紙抹乾水, 切粒
3. 1 片簿薑, 切粒

1. 1/4 茶匙鹽
2. 1/5 荼匙糖
3. 少許胡椒粉
4. 3/4 荼匙雞粉
5. 半茶匙豆粉
6. 1 茶匙麻油

蝦切 1 開 4 , 剁碎些, 放入保鮮紙內用槌拍爛些, 放在盆內加入薑粒, 竹筍絲粒, 調味料 1 至 4 拌勻, 加入豆粉又拌勻起膠後, 再加入麻油又拌勻後, 放入雪櫃一小時.

1. 60 克澄面粉 = 2.11 oz
2. 25 克菱粉 = 0.88 oz
3. 少許鹽
4. 1 茶匙菜油
5. 100 ml 沸水( 滾) = 3.38 fl oz

一個圓形底身略窄盆 ( 容易拌粉料), 加入澄面粉, 菱粉, 鹽和菜油拌勻, 倒入沸水, 快速向一方向拌勻成粉糰狀 , 趁還熱用手槎成粉糰, 見沒有粉粒, 用濕布蓋面等 5 分鍾.

5 分後取出榐成腸形, 切 12 份. 放回盆內濕布和碟蓋面.

餡科分 12 份
取出一粒皮料榐戍薄塊 ( 像餃子皮形狀), 放一份餡, 摺起成形. 放在已攃油蒸紙上, 水沸大火蒸 6 分 ( 大家火力不同, 時間或有差別 )

Ha Gao 12 pieces

1. 1 slice of ginger
2. 2 tbsp striped bamboo shoots
3. 10 medium shrimps 105 gram = 3.7 oz ( without shells )

Shrimps marinade:
1. 1/4 tsp salt
2. a pinch of sugar
3. a pinch of pepper
4. 3/4 tsp chicken essence ( powder )
5. 1/2 tsp corn starch
6. 1 tsp sesame oil

1. 60 grams wheat starch = 2.11 oz
2. 25 grams tapioca flour = 0.88 oz
3. a pinch of salt
4. 1 tsp oil
5. 100 ml boiling water = 3.38 fl oz

Put some oil on baking paper and set the Ha Gao on them in the steamer

17 Responses to Ha Gao Steamed shrimp dumplings Dim Sum 蝦餃

  1. Ying says:

    请问这个澄面粉在德国也可以买得到吗?是不是超级市场的maizena maisstärke?

  2. Grace says:

    Is there any difference between cornflour and corn starch?

  3. Janelle Cua says:

    May I use normal flour for tapioca flour?

  4. Janelle Cua says:

    May I know the purpose of covering the cut dough with wet towel and plate?

  5. Hello Mrs. Wong,
    Thank you for posting all of these delicious recipes ! I am from San Francisco and I am now living in Italy. I miss so many of these dishes from my childhood. I tried the siu mai and bok tong goh recipes with much success. The ha gao wrapper was a huge challenge. When I first added the 100 ml of water it looked too watery like it would never make a dough, so I panicked and added more wheat starch. The dough then came together, but I had a very difficult time rolling it thin. It stuck to everything and broke. When cooked it was quite hard, probably because it was thick. Any advice?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Jeanette, thank you for trying my recipes. The ha gao is 60 grams wheat starch, 25 grams tapioca flour, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp oil, 100 ml boiling water. Is it the same like your my dear ? Please check it out again. Thank you ^^

      • Hello Maria,
        thank you for answering. Yes, I did weigh everything and I had the right ingredients, it is obviously the experience which is missing. I will definitely try again and report back. I love Ha gao so and want to learn to make them at home.

        • Hello again! I tried your recipe again today, I was very careful with measuring all ingredients. I think that my Wheat starch might be older and drier. I added a little more water to the dough and the result was much, much better. I still had some trouble with the dough breaking rather than making the nice pleats that you have on your ha gao- I will continue trying, hoping that practice makes perfect. I thank you once more! For a moment it felt like I was back home again enjoying a dimsum lunch.
          I look forward to trying many more of your recipes!

          • Maria says:

            Hi Jeanette, thank you for trying my recipe. The important step for this recipe is the wheat starch use boiling to cook. Have a lovely day ^^

  6. Janice Sim says:

    Hello Maria,

    Enjoyed cooking with your receipes.
    I have tried your har gao recipe. May I know why is it the skin turns hard when cold.
    Thank you.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Janice,

      Thank you for trying my recipes. I don’t understand when cold the skins turn hard. Before steam ? After steam ? How do you make the dough ? Please tell me so I can help you. Thank you :)

  7. Maggie says:

    請問一下 這個蝦餃皮可以做銀針粉嗎?謝謝

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