HongKong style borscht soup recipe 羅宋湯

HongKong style borscht soup, 羅宋湯

HongKong style borscht soup, 羅宋湯

This is actually a russian soup that is also popular in china. This chinese version uses all kinds of vegetables and meat. You can use beef or pork and usually bones are used. I have used pork ribs in this recipe, you can find a full list of ingredients under the video. Please enjoy!

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1. 800 克豬骨 = 28. 22 oz
2. 2 個薯仔
3. 1 條紅羅白
4. 一些大蔥
5. 一些西芹
6. 1 個中洋蔥
7. 7 個小番茄
8. 2 塊揶菜
9. 3 湯碗水 = 1,6 liters = 54 fl oz

煲水要浸過豬骨, 水沸後加入豬骨煮沸後, 教小火煲 8 分後, 洗乾淨豬骨幾次.
一條紅羅白切粒, 切些大蔥, 切些西芹, 一個中洋蔥切粒, 七個小番茄切開去頂, 二塊揶菜切小塊, 切二個薯仔放水浸著.
3 湯碗水放大煲煮沸後, 加入洗淨豬骨, 加入薯仔, 加入其它蔬菜, 大火煮沸後教小火煲 2 小時.
2 小時後關火, 休息1 小時和取出薯仔, 壓爛後倒回湯內, 開大火煮沸後教小火煲 45 至1 小時見豬骨離肉就可以關火, 食前放些鹽, ( 隨個人口味放鹽或些雞粉, 如湯有餘留給明天, 要先煮沸, 不要再拌動湯, 因天氣關係, 湯很容易變壞的 )

1. 800 gram pork bones = 28. 22 oz
2. 2 potatoes
3. 1 carrot
4. some leek
5. some celery
6.1 medium onion
7. 7 small tomatoes
8. 2 cabbage leaves
9. 1,6 liters water = 54 fl oz
Add some salt or some chicken essence before serving.

8 Responses to HongKong style borscht soup recipe 羅宋湯

  1. Ückuduk says:

    You can add 1/2 Beetroot and 1/2 red Paprika, it must be nice-smelling and a little sweet;

  2. Kharina says:

    Hi Maria, I stumpled across your channel on youtube and can’t believe I haven’t discoverred you until now! I was born in Hong Kong but am only half Chinese (mother is Cantonese) and can speak the language but am very, very rusty. Your videos are educational in both food and language!
    I didn’t realise this was a common “borscht” made in Kong Kong. My mother used to make this – I thought she just threw a bunch of ingredients together! Thanks for the lovely memories and the recipes (particularly for the sweets!).

    Mngoi sai!

    • Maria says:

      Hi, Kharina, thank you very much for liking my recipes. Please be my friend in Facebook, we are sharing recipes and photographs, bring back very happy memories of Hong Kong. Thank you :)

  3. Anchi says:

    Your soup looks very yummy.
    Borscht is known in many countries – Russia, West and Central Europe. There are many types of such soup and your variation are very popular too. But the most common type is with meat, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, red beets, onions (garlic, parsley, dill -optional). Exactly red beets make this soup so special, gives taste, aroma and color. It can be summer type with fresh cabbage and tomatoes or winter type with pickled cabbage. Usually soup with beets has to be served with 1 Tbsp sour cream (on the top). Just for information.

  4. Anne Loh says:

    Hi, I have been browsing the You-tube for easy recipes to improve my cooking and baking skills and “wantanmien” attracted my attention!!! I love to eat Cantonese dishes and enjoy your videos too. How may I be registered to your website?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Anne, thank you for enjoying my videos. Please subscribe to my channel in you tube wantanmien. You will get an automatic information when I have new video. Thank you. Have a lovely day ^^

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