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  1. web proxy says:

    When I first saw this title My websites | chinese/ cantonese video cooking recipes on google I just whent and bookmark it.Wow, Thank you just for this blog. Thats all I could say. You certainly have made this website into some thing thats eyesight opening as well as important. You plainly know a lot about the niche, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff out of this the main internet. Again, thank you just for this blog.

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  3. Christina Cheung says:

    Hi Maria,
    I love to watch your Cantonese cooking video tape in You Tube. I have a request, can you teach me to make the 廣東燒餅. The Cantonese pan cake is white color and sweet in taste and I always eat with 燒肉。I remember I only eat it in拜山之時候。I am live in B.C. Canada now.

    Thank you.


  4. Lina says:

    Hi Maria, I like your website. You teach me how to cook cantonese food especially dimsum. I like it very much. Can you teach me how to make hongkong steamer bun?
    My family all like it. Thank You very much.

  5. Debbie Rau says:

    Hallo Maria, I am so happy to find the cooking video from you. I also from Hong Kong and living in Germany since 2004. After I watch yr cooking video, I made a 生炒糯米飯 already, but to much water I added. Mach nicht! I will try again. Today, I will go to China shop in Mannhiem see whether I can find the 澄面粉 and 克菱粉. (I live in 25 km from Heidelberg) I want make Ha Gao and steamed rice noodle rolls. Let you know later when I make :) . Thank you for yr video.

    • Maria says:

      你好 Debbie, 非常感謝你喜歡我的食譜和做. 請去 Facebook 做我朋友, 大家煮不同食譜和拍照分享很開心. 歡迎等待你. 祝聖誕及新年快樂, 身體健康. 多謝 ^^

      • Debbie Rau says:

        Hallo Maria, I made Ha Gao and rice noodle rolls already. Only the 皮 a little 厚. Next Monday (31 Dec), freind of my from HK will be at my place and we will make Dim Sum day. I will make Ha Gao and Rice noodle rolls again, and she will make Siu Mai. I will take picture and try to go facebook. Until now, I am not family with facebook so I must take a bit time to use.
        祝新年快樂 and 身體健康 too.

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Maria,
    I stumbled onto your site, and have to send you my comment to thank you for your detail demonstration of “how to” cooking methods and clear instructions on all of the recipes, I sent this site to my daughter and her husband, and they are so impressed with it, she just texted her mom that she is now have some good ideas what to do with her dinners and ideas how to entertain her friends during the weekends, by the way, my daughter does not speak chinese but she seem to understand all of your instructions, so thank you again and wish you and your family have a good 2013 and all in good health with many more recipes to come.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Michael, thank you so much for your support. There are english annotations or english subtitles to any of my videos. When she click on CC Button and she will see them. Everything I say is translated there. Thank you. Same to you and your family too. I will try my best :)

  7. mercy says:

    Dear Maria,

    Congratulations for your website!!! It’s very good and easy to follow!
    Where in Germany do you live? I used to live in Munich but now I am back in Spain.
    I would like to ask for your permission to add subtitles or to translate your videos into Spanish. The recipes are excellent! Please let me know if you agree.

    Thank you and Gong Hei Fat Choy!!

    • Maria says:

      Hi mercy, thank you for your comment. I live around 100 km from Frankfurt. When you click on the CC Button, you can choice any language. You don’t need add subtitles or to translate the videos. Thank you. Gong Hei Fat Choy!! maria

  8. mercy says:

    Oh, you are right! Now I can share it with my friends who are not so fluent in English. Wonderful website, Maria! Congratulations!

  9. Jerry Wang says:

    Wow! I’ve been searching all over for some of my favorite dimsum foods. This is wonderful! It’s everything I’ve been looking for in one place.

    I’m happy to be your new student! :)

  10. Suzin says:

    Hello Maria,
    I love your blog/website. Ever since I discovered your website, I have been very happy because your website is not like the others. Your cooking videos are simple and easy to learn from. I have tried a couple dim sum recipes and it was successful. My family loves the recipes, they are so delicious! Now every night I can’t stop watching your videos and learning new recipes from you.
    Thank you again for sharing your awesome meals with everyone and for your hard work.
    I hope you succeed in making this website the best.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Suzin, you are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipes and your kind comments. I am very happy to sharing my recipes with you. Best regards to your family. Thank you my dear :)

  11. Andrea says:

    Hi Maria. Thanks for your channel. Good Chinese cooking instructional videos are hard to find. I especially appreciate you speaking Cantonese, since I’m trying to learn. My grandparents speak only Cantonese. Most of the Cantonese I already know is food-related, so I when you speak with English subtitles, it’s *almost* as if I actually understand Cantonese ;-)

    Your videos are also really well planned and edited, well done. Very clear.


  12. Michael Eng says:

    What an excellent website! My grandmother is long gone and with her went her Hong Kong recipes. I never could figure out how to cook like her until now. Thank you Maria.

  13. Jason says:

    Hi Maria,
    Great website. Your recipes are really easy to follow and I hope to try out more!
    I was wondering if you ever made 鲜竹卷? If so it would be great if you could make a video one day.

  14. Lilian Lee Hoffmann says:

    i stumbled onto your youtube video just by chance and i’m glad i did. i’m from Malaysia but from Cantonese decent, so your list of recipes are really very close to what my mum used to cook for the family.
    my mum is now back in Malaysia and i’m now here in Germany, just like you … so finding someone who’s sharing these much loved recipes has been an added bonus to my life here.
    thank you for sharing and i hope to learn more home-cooking from you.
    many, many thanks!

  15. Kim says:

    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the videos and websites. They are very well made and my family can have more dishes to enjoy. Mm goi!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Kim, you are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipes. I am glad they are worked out well. Best regards to your family. Thank you ^^

  16. Lorsan Jow says:

    Hi Maria, love your recipes and how simple and easy you make it. I found your link last year and have been trying a lot of your recipes. There was one thing I was looking for though and it was a request written in October 6/12 for recipe or method on how to make the Quong Dong Sui Beng( cannot write Chinese as am Canadian born, sorry!) please could you tell me if you made a link for this?!? I would love to know how to make it ! Thank you so much for putting your time and care out there for us, God Bless you. Am really anticipating a reply soon. Thank you, LJ

    • Maria says:

      Hi Lorsan,

      Thank you for loving and trying my recipes. Sorry, I don’t know what is it ( Quong Dong Sui Beng ) in Chinese. Please send me a link or photo so I can check it out.
      By the way my son is working in Far East now, he is my camera man, we are living in different parts of the Earth, soon we have time we will continue uploads new videos. Thank you. Have a lovely day :)

  17. Lorsan Jow says:

    Hi Maria, thanks for replying so quickly, sorry I couldn’t find a picture of it but I happened to read your website with comments and one was from Christina Cheung written October 6/2012…she was requesting a video or recipe on how to make it. I thought maybe you had a link so kind of got excited as I would love to make it. She mentioned they were Cantonese pancakes which are a little sweet and you eat it with Bbq crispy skin pork (foh yook). Usually eat it around Chinese Ching Ming time or when we go to the cemetery. Anyways I will try to find picture to send ok?!? Thanks so much for being so giving , blessings, Lorsan

  18. Maria says:

    Thank you very much!

  19. Pearl says:

    Hi Maria,
    Can you teach me how to make pu chai gou? Thanks!!

  20. Maria says:

    Hi Pearl, I will put it on my request list ^^

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