Sticky Rice Glutinous Rice Dim Sum 生炒糯米飯

Sticky Rice/ Glutinous Rice, ( Dim Sum ), 生炒糯米飯

Sticky Rice/ Glutinous Rice, ( Dim Sum ), 生炒糯米飯

Sticky rice or glutinous rice can be used in many ways in chinese cuisine. In this dish I have fried the sticky rice together with other ingredients such as dried shrimps or chinese sausages. This dish doesn’t only look amazing it tastes great too. Please have a try and tell me what you think.

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材料: 2 碗料

1. 1 杯量米杯泰國糯米 = 140 克 = 4. 9 oz, 洗淨, 用冷開水浸 6 小時後, 濾出, 備用.


1. 2 條臘腸, 用溫水洗去塵, 中間切開切片
2. 30 粒蝦米, 洗淨
3. 2 粒瑤柱, 洗淨, 浸水後撕開, 浸水留用
4. 3 個中冬茹, 去蒂, 洗淨, 浸水至軟切粒, 浸水留用
5. 1 條青蔥, 洗淨, 切分白, 綠片粒
6. 1 旦雞蛋, 打勻後加入半茶匙油混合

調味 1
1. 50 ml 水 = 1. 70 fl oz, ( 浸瑤柱和冬茹水, 不夠加水 ),
2. 半茶匙雞粉

調味 2
1. 1 茶匙紹興酒
2. 1 茶匙蠔油
3. 1 茶匙生抽
4. 1/3 茶匙糖
5. 7 茶匙水 ( 先放入 5 茶匙 ) 餘下 或許會用
6. 少許胡椒粉
7. 1/3 茶匙鹽

Ingredients for 2 bowls of rice :

1. 140 gram = 4.9 oz, Thai glutinous rice, wash and soak in the water for 6 hours then sieve out the water

Fry ingredients:

1. 2 chinese sausages, wash with warm water, divide in middle and cut into slices
2. 30 small dried shrimps, wash
3. 2 dried scallops, wash and soak in water, tear it into small pieces
4. 3 medium size chinese mushrooms,remove stems, wash and soak in water until soft, cut in small dices
5. 1 spring onion, wash and divide cut white, green parts
6. An egg, beaten add in 1/2 tsp oil

Seasoning 1.

50 ml water = 1. 70 fl oz, ( including the soaking scallops and chinese mushrooms ), or add some more water

seasoning 2.

1. 1 tsp shaoxing wine
2. 1 tsp oyster sauce
3. 1 tsp light soy sauce
4. 1/3 tsp sugar
5. 7 tsp water ( only use 5 tsp, another 2 tsp for reserve, maybe no need )
6. a pinch of pepper
7. 1/3 tsp salt

4 Responses to Sticky Rice Glutinous Rice Dim Sum 生炒糯米飯

  1. karl says:

    Hello there i follow you on youtube for a while look at my page yes im a chinese cook for hobby and im dutch from the netherlands you wil find also fried and steamed glutinous rice on my page and its great.

  2. Joyce says:

    Hi Maria,
    I am an ABC – American Born Cantonese :) and am so glad to have found your site and videos. Your recipes are easy to understand which encourage me to make them! I had a question about this particular recipe – do you know how much I can cook beforehand? Or perhaps cook all of it and freeze it and then reheat in a rice cooker? I would like to use it as part of our Christmas meal but would like to cut down on cooking time. I know this is not a very Chinese way of cooking but it is a big meal for me to prepare. Thanks!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Joyce, I haven’t try before. But I think you can freeze it but don’t reheat in a rice cooker. Just steam it please. Thank you so much for trying my recipe.

      yours maria

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