You tiao crisp chinese crullers 油條

You tiao, crisp chinese crullers. 油條

You tiao, crisp chinese crullers. 油條

You Tiao or yau ja gwai in cantonese are pieces of fried dough similar to donuts. Main differences are that they are not round and not sweet. Usually they are lightly salted and eaten for breakfast together with rice congee. Please have a look at the video and I hope you will like this recipe.

Please check wikipedia for more information on You Tiao:


1. 200 克 = 7 oz, 低筋麵粉, 先濾
2. 2 1/2 茶匙, 應是比平時多些
3. 少許鹽
4. 3  湯匙栗油
5. 100 ml = 3.4 fl oz, 水喉水加多半湯匙水
6. 少許油, 掃桌用
7. 炸油


1. 200 gram = 7 oz,  all purpose flour,  sieved
2. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
3. a pinch of salt
4. 3 tbsp oil
5, 100 ml = 3.4 fl oz, water + 1/2 tbsp
6. some oil spread on the table
7. some oil for deep frying

39 Responses to You tiao crisp chinese crullers 油條

  1. Synette Rau says:


    Could you tell me how to make butterfly fritters, can I use the same dough.

    And other question when the dough is ready mixed what do you do with it?
    But it in the refrigerator? How long? With which heat do you fry the dough?
    Which suger do you use for the butterfly fritter.

    Kind Regards


  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Maria! I’m so happy I found your Youtube channel filled with all my favorite foods. You’re doing a fantastic job. Would you happen to have a recipe for ox-tongue pastry 牛脷酥?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Sharon, thank you for liking my recipes. I will put your request in my request list. Please tell your friends about my videos. Have a great day ^^

      Yours maria

  3. mark says:

    hi Maria,

    Thanks for sharing. I was confused with the type of flour you are using.
    all purpose flour is 中筋麵粉, cake flour is 低筋麵粉.
    Your receipe shows that “all purpose flour” is 低筋麵粉.
    Are you using “all purpose flour” or “cake flour” to make 油條?


  4. Mark says:

    hi Maria,

    Thanks a lot for your explaination. I like your video very much, it is easy to follow. Can i use instant yeast power (酵母) to replace the baking powder? If yes, how much (in tsp) should i use? Thanks.


  5. Novi Zhang says:

    Hi…love your recipes…glad you would like to share it. Anyway, can I skip baking powder for this you tiao?

  6. lisa says:

    Im confused about punching the dough. Do I punch about 50 times total?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Lisa, punch the dough for 10 times, turn the dough around and punch it again for 10 times, repeat this process for 5 min. How often you punch in total depends on how fast you punch. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family ^^

  7. Liu Shang Jiang says:

    Hi Mrs. Maria. I really love your Youtiao recipe.
    But I have some question. Hope you will spend time answering :
    – You said we had to leave the dough in the fridge overnight. I did as you told but when I checked the dought, I found there were many little holes on the surface of the dough, which meant the baking powder activated completely. When I fried, the dough didn’t rise and flatted. Can you give me some advice ?
    - Is it true if I say the dough must be moisten in order to active the baking powder?

    Thank you so much

    • Maria says:

      Hi, did you following my video ? punch the dough, put the dough in a plastic bag with rubber band. The dough in the fridge shouldn’t had many little holes on the surface on the dough. How cold is your fridge? Please tell me how you did it then I can help you ^^

      • Liu Shang Jiang says:

        Ok so I’m going to tell you the way I do it.
        200gr all-purpose flour
        2 and half teaspoon of baking powder
        115ml water
        75ml oil ( = 3 tbsp )
        a pinch of salt

        1. Mix the flour and the baking powder and salt together
        2. Add water, oil into the flour.
        3. Mix until flour and liquid are combined
        4. Take the dough out of the bowl. Knead for about 5 minutes
        5. Let the dough rest for about 30 – 60 minutes
        6. Give a dough some punch as you did in the video
        7. Let the dough rest 3 – 5 hours(*) in the fridge. Keep it wet and sticky.
        8. Then, let it cool to room temperature
        9. Heat the oil properly
        10. Fry the dough which was shaped like you did.

        Actually I have done this succesfully before but just one time. When I want to do youtiao again, I never get the best result as I want.
        Hope you will reply soon !

  8. gor gor says:

    How long does 炸油鬼 keep for after cooking?
    Should it be stored in the fridge?

    Thank you.

  9. Nhu Thao says:

    Hello Maria,

    I try to make this receip, but is not good like you do ?? how do I do please email me at
    Thanks Maria
    200 gram = 7 oz, all purpose flour, sieved
    2. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
    3. a pinch of salt
    4. 3 tbsp oil
    5, 100 ml = 3.4 fl oz, water + 1/2 tbsp
    6. some oil spread on the table
    7. some oil for deep frying

    • Maria says:

      Nhu Thao,
      Thank you for trying my recipe. Please following my Video instructions. All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles. , I live in gremany, the all purpose flour here I need 2.5 tsp of “Baking Powder” for this recipe. Everywhere the flour are different. Some one in Australia said “The second he used 3 tsp of “Baking Powder”. worked out like in the video”. I hope it help. Please try again. Thank you ^^

  10. Angel Marco Kung says:

    i has try your you tiao recipe but i fail. i still wanted to try it again .may i ask can i spread some flour on the last step just after bring out from fridge. cause i was too sticky wet and oily… how long i need to rest for the dough after bring out from fridge. or can i just fry it. cause i done it was not fluffy puff out .

    • Maria says:

      Hi, everywhere the flour are different, when it too sticky wet, put a little less of water in the flour. After bring out from fridge, the dough need go back to room temperature, I don’t know your fridge my fridge around 35 – 40 mins. When it was not fluffy puff out. Maybe not enough of baking powder. Please check the video comments below of the video, It will help you. Have a great day ^^

  11. Jerry Wang says:

    Is it absolutely necessary to set it in the refrigerator overnight?

  12. Michelle says:


    May I know if you can use bread flour instead? Thank you :)

  13. Kris says:

    Hi Maria!
    I am so glad I found this recipe. I have been asked to make these for my family for Christmas and I was wondering how many youtiao this recipe will make.

    Thank you! :)

    • Maria says:

      Hi Kris, 4:02 to 4:08, take one strip dough and put it on another one top to top, this recipe finished are 7 youtiao. Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how it worked out. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family ^^

  14. Janet says:

    Thank you for all your great recipes. Yours is the first I’ve found with some of my family favourites) and your demonstrations are excellent. One thing my son loves that I have been unable to find the recipe for is a sweet donut like deep fried pastry. It tastes like there is quite a bit of egg in it. The dough/pastry is delicate with large holes. The cooked donut is covered in granulated sugar. I suspect this is a westernized asian dish, but it is offered here in Australia at a lot of the yum cha restaurants. Are you familiar with it?
    Thanks again for all your hard work.
    All the best

    • Maria says:

      Hi Janet, I think you mean deep fried egg balls. I will put it on my request list. It may take some times until I can make a video. Best regards and thank you :)

  15. Lio says:

    .can you use rice flour ?

  16. mola mola says:










    • Maria says:

      您好 mola mola,

      非常感謝收睇和做我的食譜.我所有的 videos 都寫中英文材料, 舊的 videos 還寫中文做法. 請去 you tube 我的 wantanmien video 下面, 按 Show more 開 description box 查看參考.

      1: 油條: 材料: 我住德國, 麵粉是世界各地品質是不一樣, 請留意.

      1. 200 克 = 7 oz, 中筋麵粉 = all purople flour , 先濾 ( 在片中說低筋麵粉是錯的, 請原諒 )
      2. 2 1/2 量茶匙, 發粉, 住德國應是比平時包裝教的分量多些. ( 住美國, 加拿大, 澳洲, 大家麵粉不同要 3 量茶匙發粉)
      3. 少許鹽
      4. 3 湯匙栗油
      5. 100 ml = 3.4 fl oz, 水喉水加多半湯匙水
      6. 少許油, 掃桌用
      7. 炸油

      我教食譜因為我離開香港 40 多年, 明白思鄉心氣, 我兒子央求我教些容易家常食譜幫助海外僑胞像我, 希望靠食譜能減低思鄉病, 我是普通家庭主婦, 不是專業廚師, 我不清楚別人的食譜材料和做法, 以上是我自己靠試學做成的食譜.( 寫出食譜不容易, 所以我很尊重任何人士的食譜, 我不炒寫別人的, 所以別人的食譜恕我不能解答, 請原諒.

      做油條請看 video 教法, 至於您的問題: (但不會發大,內裡不會太鬆 ) :是發粉, 搓, 程序做法問題

      2: 煲粥: 請到我 video 看材料和做法, 我巳煲此粥多年都沒問題和已上綱多年很多人巳做, 至於米開花: 是米粒散開時叫開花, 不是用糯米的.
      說在粥裡放一支陶瓷匙去煲: 是幫助粥煮時不易煲焦 ( 因瓦匙移動的原因).

      3: 我很多肉類會用普通 Rum酒: ( Rum酒,可以用紹興酒取代嗎?) 可以或用米酒, sherry 等, 我放 rum 因為我常焗蛋糕用 rum 和我覺得用 rum 醃肉, 肉熟後略帶些甜味和去肉的腥味, 同時我覺得大家分享食譜 ( 煮飯仔, 何必要大家破費, 如買太多不同調味料, 找地方安置, 花錢, 保存太久變壞等.)

      Mola mola, 我教食譜另有一個原因, 我希望所有人知道, 每個人都是廚師, 祇要知道調味料和做法就能煮得出好味的食物, 又其是當您心愛的家人欣賞, 心內突然有種熱氣, 親愛的這是我們的幸福啊 <3

      最後, 再次多謝支持, 您令我感受到人生的美好和溫暖, 中國有句話 ( 助人為快樂之本), 人生如夢我們要為自己的人生找尋幸福和快樂的道路.

      做食譜的宗旨是需要: 耐心, 愛心, 恆心, 細心, 留心, 祝成功,幸福和快樂 <3

  17. mola mola says:






    • Maria says:

      Mola Mola 您好,

      請不要客氣, 能幫到別人在我來說, 是上天給我機會回答上天各位神的保佑.

      我年青時在東京留學, 思鄉時冬天在中國飯店前受寒風吹排隊等位, 有時還不好食, 所以我買了很多食譜書學習在家煮, 有時和同學煮飯仔玩.



      初學做新食譜不容易, 我蝦餃 video 我學了 6 個月, 不知多少次失敗才明白如何做皮, 如何煮熟澄麵粉, 蒸時間等.

      炒糯米要每次用少許水炒勻至水乾, 又加少許水, 重覆做法炒至糯米熟和硬身, 要很耐心做.

      通常我每個食譜起碼試做 10 多次和給中國朋友們試味後才做 video 上綱.

      我記得有次, 有人說做不到我的食譜, 後來我們慢慢查, 最後她見到她的發粉原來已過期, 所以大家做食譜要清楚看材料, 看 video 幾次, 看 video 下面的 comments 或許有幫助, 自己慢慢試做學習做法, 改良調味料適合自己.


  18. Ann says:

    Hi. Thank you for your video. Can I leave the dough in the fridge for 2 days? How can I tell if the dough is still good?

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