Yum cha fried chinese thin pancake 煎薄撐

Yum cha fried chinese thin pancake

Yum cha fried chinese thin pancake

“Bok Zan” are thin fried pancakes with various ingredients, they are usually sliced like a pizza and served at dim sum restaurants. They are a great snack and it is fun to share them with friends.

Please check out my video and have a try.

材料: 3 塊


1. 70 克 = 2. 47 oz, 麵粉, 先濾
2. 20 克 = o. 7 oz, 菱粉, 先濾
3. 160 ml = 5. 41 fl oz, 水
4. 2 湯匙 油
5. 1 只蛋


1. 2 湯匙栗米, 罐頭
2. 2 湯匙紅蘿蔔
3. 一些芫茜
4. 一條青蔥切粒
5. 二條栗菜脯
6. 40 克 = 1. 41 oz, 蝦米


1. 半茶匙鹽
2. 一茶匙雞粉
3. 少許胡椒粉

24 cm pan 和一些油煎用

Ingredients for 3 pancakes

Batter ingredients:

1. 70 grams = 2. 47 oz, sieved all purpose flour
2. 20 grams = 0. 7 oz, sieved tapioca flour
3. 160 ml = 5. 41 fl oz, water
4. 2 tbsp oil
5. an egg


1. 2 tbsp sweet corn
2. 2 tbsp diced carrot
3. some coriander
4. 1 spring onion, cut into slices
5. 2 chinese turnip pickle, cut into dices
6. 40 grams = 1. 41 oz, dried shrimps


1. 1/2 tsp salt
2. 1 tsp chicken powder
3. a pinch of pepper

24 cm pan and some oil for frying

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  1. anita says:

    I love your recipe dear, Thank you ! Maria

  2. anita says:

    Thanks again and again Maria ! I can have this pancake whenever I want now ! awesome !

  3. Sotanmimi says:

    Can u make 馬拉糕 & 蝦餃?

  4. Shuyi says:

    Thank you so much, Maria. Your recipes are excellent and easy to follow!

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    • Maria says:

      Hi rothspieschelbe,

      Thank you for watching my cooking videos. I am almost 70 year’s old, was born and lived in Hong Kong, Japan and now in Germany, I understand what is homesick. I am not a professional cook but cooking is my hobby. I hope to share my experience cooking with all the people like me living over sea so many years to cure our homesick. Every videos I made I want to try my best to helping another people easy to cooking in home and making our life more easy, happiness and enjoy. Thank you again for watching and hope you have a wonderful day :)

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